A Look at Some Lost Vegas Slots

If you play the Lost Vegas slot machine from Microgaming, you could be transported to an exciting new world. Las Vegas is shown in this story, but after being overrun by zombies. This builder obviously knows how to cash in on hit shows like The Walking Dead. As a result, you may expect a similar pace from this game. You’ll need to take a stand, and the game features some of Microgaming’s most impressive visuals.

Will you come to Lost Vegas and live with the survivors? Or are you going to switch alliances and join forces with the undead country? This, of course, is a choice that ties directly to the game’s supplementary materials. We’ll discuss this in a second. In terms of the core game, it looks like you’re gearing up for the grand finale. It’s also appropriate that this is happening in a defunct gambling hall.

What Kind of Zombie Are You?

You can play on the same map whether you select the Survivor or Zombie mode. The layout consists of five reels and three rows. As a result, it’s easy to see why the overall layout should feel familiar. These reels are also where you’ll locate the numerous icons. The game’s icons begin with the standard alphabet, numbers, and picture tiles (1 through 10). They’re accompanied by a number of other symbols, the meanings of which change based on the current mode. The dead Elvis impersonator, the Showgirl, and the Nurse at the head of the zombie team. Alternately, the survivors can be seen as a collection of armed individuals. Among these are a golf club, a baseball bat, and a petrol bomb.

In addition to the standard icons, reels, and rows, there are 243 possible combinations for a win in this game. You are unable to alter this specific aspect of the design. This means that you will always be placing wagers on this number of lines. You can, however, adjust your bet amount between rounds if you so choose. The range of possible coins is £0.30 – £45, with a maximum of 30 coins in play at once. The ‘Auto Play’ button is also included. With this, you may keep your wager constant while spinning the reels again. You can also halt a spin in progress by hitting the ‘Stop’ button.

Will You Make It? The Brains, or Will You Eat Them?

It’s common knowledge that characters in zombie movies need specific skills. Any serious viewer of such a program understands the value of a safety net. The gameplay is undeniably the offering’s primary selling point and primary strength. If you join the survivor side, you can take advantage of a Blackout Bonus’ function at random. After a losing spin, it’s possible that this will happen. The process will involve using night vision goggles to scan the reels. The next step is the unveiling of substantial financial rewards. In zombie mode, the ‘Fist of Cash’ is the name of a random extra feature. This feature also activates at random following a losing spin. A huge zombie hand will extend upward and snag some cash.

The game features a scatter icon in both game modes. The picture of the biohazard symbol. If you see three of these anywhere on the screen, you’ll enter the free spins bonus round. Free games with a ‘Stash’ bonus are awarded to the remaining players. This provides a progressive reel feature. The lower-paying symbols will fall off the reels and be replaced by new ones. When a symbol is destroyed, the remaining symbols count toward the survivors’ total hoard. This is a bonus payout you’ll get after the free spins round is over.

You’ll get a ‘Infection’ feature in instead of the free spins in zombie mode. The zombies will transform into stacked wilds, spreading their infection to all reels they land on. With the potential to generate a full set of five expanded wild reels, this game is the more explosive of the two free spin types. As a result, you might win up to 2155 times your original investment.

Closing Statement

Without a doubt, Lost Vegas is one of our favorite Microgaming slot machines. It’s not only that it’s aesthetically nice; the game’s unique elements are what really sell it. In addition, unlike in most games listed in such slot game reviews, you get to cheer for your favorite team. Exactly what could be more ideal exists.

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